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Change Exchange mailbox type from shared to user mailbox

When migrating many mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 system, or after an existing object has been mail enabled you may find you have some mailboxes that are set as type ‘Shared’ even though they belong to a single user.  You can see this either through the Exchange Management Console (EMC) by applying a filter of Recipient […]

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Change DAG database Activation Preference

The ActivationPreference decides which server will hold the active database when you automatically rebalance the databases within a DAG using the Microsoft script:

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Exchange 2010 PowerShell Tips & Snippets

This is a page of various Exchange 2010 Powershell one liners that I use fairly often or want quick access to.

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Set mailbox permissions in Exchange 2010

Out of the box Exchange 2010 doesn’t give admins mailbox access.  Many places that I have worked do want their administrators and helpdesk teams to be able to open any mailbox so they can help diagnose problems.  This blog demonstrates a few of the possible ways you can change mailbox permissions.

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