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Replace the SSL Certificate on a Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite

To replace the self signed certifcate with a valid certifcate for the web UI on the Edge Router Lite follow these instructions:

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How to remove partitions from a USB stick

If you have a USB stick that has various partitions and you are having trouble removing them from with Windows Disk Management, then you might like to try the following:

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Using DD-WRT on an Asus RT-N16 router to share a 3 MIFI Internet connection on LAN

Yes a snappy title!  I’ve spent so long getting this configuration to work that I have to save the info here for my own future reference.  I originally tried to use the latest firmwares and spent a couple of frustrating day’s trying to get it working.  I eventually gave up and tried the specifically mentioned […]

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Raspberry Pi – first boot

Today I finally had a chance to burn a Linux image to an SD card and boot up my Raspberry Pi.

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