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Command prompt from mspaint

This is an old trick I first saw on a hak5 video, but it’s still a good one.  If you find yourself on a locked down system and aren’t able to open a command prompt but do have access to Microsoft’s Paint program then this might be the hack for you 😉

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How to remove partitions from a USB stick

If you have a USB stick that has various partitions and you are having trouble removing them from with Windows Disk Management, then you might like to try the following:

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Disable complex password requirement on Hyper-V server 2012

I recently experimented with Hyper-V 2012 and found there was no easy way to disable complex passwords, so after searching the net for a while I came across a nice solution that didn’t involve joining and leaving domains and interfering with group policy.  Here it is –

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How to clear down winsxs folder in Windows 7

If you have found that you have a folder called winsxs that is eating up gigs and gigs of your C drive, then this command line can free up several of those valuable gigs.    

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