Sion who?

sion it !

I used to be an IT contractor, before that I worked in IT for around 15 years.  Over the years I’ve installed, configured, broke, fixed, hammered, bodged and stuck together many many different systems.

Obviously the human brain is designed to hold x amount of data and once it is full stuff will start falling out of the back.  Alas, I ran in to that space limitation a long time ago.  To make matters worse I am still working in IT and still trying to learn new things, so stuff is falling out all the time.

This weblog is my attempt at dumping all the useful stuff somewhere that I can reach when I need it before it’s all been replaced with Shaun the Sheep.

If you find it useful then great, if you don’t then never mind perhaps someone else has the answer you are looking for.  Please don’t ask me support questions, I get paid to answer IT questions all day long, so it’s the last thing I want to do in my free time.

Now then, fruit cake…