Mount SMB shares in Ubuntu

Here is a quick guide on how to install CIFS and use it to mount SMB shares (aka Windows shares) in Ubuntu.  This is tested on Ubuntu 12.04 but should work on most recent versions as well as other Debian releases.

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Assign a static IP to Ubuntu (old config)

When installing a new Ubuntu system it sets up the network cards to use DHCP by default.  I like to give my servers a static address.  So here are the instructions detailing how to assign a static IP to Ubuntu.  These instructions were written with Ubuntu 12.04 in mind, though will probably work on most […]

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Move the titlebar buttons to the right in Ubuntu 12.04

If like me you don’t like the way that Ubuntu is looking more and more like OSX these days here is something you can do to help restore some normality back to your desktop.

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