Command prompt from mspaint

This is an old trick I first saw on a hak5 video, but it’s still a good one.  If you find yourself on a locked down system and aren’t able to open a command prompt but do have access to Microsoft’s Paint program then this might be the hack for you 😉

  1. Load mspaint, it should start with a blank canvas
  2. Use the resize menu option to change the drawing to 6 pixels wide by 1 pixel high.
  3. Select the pencil drawing tool
  4. Use the Edit Colours option to create custom colours using the following RGB values:
    Pixel 1 = R(10), G(0), B(0)
    Pixel 2 = R(13), G(10), B(13)
    Pixel 3 = R(100), G(109), B(99)
    Pixel 4 = R(120), G(101), B(46)
    Pixel 5 = R(0), G(0), B(101)
    Pixel 6 = R(0), G(0), B(0)
  5. For each colour you create paint 1 pixel working from left to right.
  6. The final image should look something like this:
  7. Now save the picture using the File | Save as option and choose 24-bit Bitmap as the type.  i saved it as command.bmp
  8. Make a copy of the file and rename it to command.bat
  9. double click the file to run the batch file and you will open a command prompt !

For those of you that trust a stranger to create a file that you will execute on your system, here is a the command.bmp file (right click and save image):  remember to rename to anything.bat




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