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How to unregister an ESXi VM using the CLI

Occasionally a VM shows as being in ‘invalid’ state, this can be because the files aren’t available, are corrupted, after a network outage etc..  All options are greyed out so it is not possible to do anything with it through the web console so we have to use the CLI to unregister it.  We can […]

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How to mount an iSCSI datastore in ESXI CLI

I have an annoying issue that I can’t get to the bottom of – whenever we have a powercut that lasts longer than my UPS’s can deal with, i lose my main ESXi server.  When that happens I occasionaly lose all of my iSCSCI connected drives.  Rebooting the ESXi server, switches or the NAS does […]

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Start and stop ESXi VMs from console

Sometimes you don’t have VMware vSphere Client handy, or you might need to restart a server remotely via SSH. In these cases it’s great to be able to turn virtual machines on and off via the command line. Read on for a brief overview.

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How to add a new user to vCenter Server Virtual Appliance

If you use vSphere 5 vCenter Server Virtual Appliance and you don’t have, or chose not to use Active Directory for user access then there is another way to add users to the appliance.

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Which is faster iSCSI or NFS when used as an ESXi datastore

I have a QNAP NAS (which is an excellent bit kit by the way), and I have 2 servers running ESXi 4 and 5 respectively.  I had some free time tonight so finally got around to setting up both an NFS and an iSCSI datastore on the NAS.  I was curious as to which would […]

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Update ESXi 4 standalone server without vCentre

If like me you have the free Vmware ESXi 4 standalone server you’ve probably found that updating it can be a bit tricky without having vCentre handy or a second server to migrate all  your VMs to.  So here is the process i have just followed to successfully update my 2010 v4.1 server to the […]

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