Excel Tips & Tricks

I use Excel a lot.  Though not in the way that most people will use it.  Excel is a very powerful tool when it comes to text manipulation and working in IT I often have to wade through, process, manipulate, squeeze, expand or turn upside various huge text or csv files.  So here are a few Excel tips and tricks that I have come across and thought were worth noting.

Change vertical data to horizontal data:


Trim (remove) extra spaces from a string:


Find Path part of a filepath in cell P2:


Find file name only ni path in Code Text cell P2


Replace “M:\Office” with “\\everest\data\office” – is case sensitive!!


Search for certian text within a cell Q2, in this cse search for the contents of B2:


Convert a time in h:m:s format to decimal minutes only:


Convert a time in Seconds to h:m:s format:

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