Change Exchange mailbox type from shared to user mailbox

Exchange 2010When migrating many mailboxes to an Exchange 2010 system, or after an existing object has been mail enabled you may find you have some mailboxes that are set as type ‘Shared’ even though they belong to a single user.  You can see this either through the Exchange Management Console (EMC) by applying a filter of Recipient Type = Shared, or by running the following command in the Exchange Management Shell (EMS):

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | ?{$_.RecipientTypeDetails -like 'Shared*'} | ft Name, Alias, RecipientTypeDetails

You can’t change the mailbox type from the GUI, but it is easily done in PowerShell with this one liner:

Set-Mailbox fbloggs -Type Regular

This method can also be used to change between most other types.  The other type of mailbox are:


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