Move the titlebar buttons to the right in Ubuntu 12.04

If like me you don’t like the way that Ubuntu is looking more and more like OSX these days here is something you can do to help restore some normality back to your desktop.

I hate the way Apple put the titlebar buttons on the left hand side of the titlebar.  This might be great for left handed people, but to me it just means having to move the mouse that much further for no good reason.  Worse still if you are used to just about every other GUI out there you expect the buttons to be on the right.

So, I loaded up the latest verion of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS the other day and was horrified to find that the buttons were on the mac side of the title bar, here is how to undo the insanity:

install the gconf editor:

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Then run it:


One loaded navigate to /apps/metacity/general and change the button_layout value to look like this:


Job done, some sanity has now been restored to your desktop.

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  1. Written by Tim
    on 20 December 2012 at 21:54
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    Oh man, thank you for this!

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